My Life in a few words...
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I was born in Lakeland Florida. I don't remember the exact
date though, but it was February of 2000.
Hey, I guess because of this you could say I'm of the first
generation of the new Millennium! Maybe that's the reason I
was so special... :-)

Yes special indeed...After all I was a Christmas present to my
Mom and Dad. Tia Tica and Vo Adilce orchestrated the plan
and made me the BEST present ever.
Ah, Tia Tica and Tio Denny how can one ever forget my first
car trip...the trip home. Lots of aromatic scents in the air, so
both of you can always remember me in a special way... :-D

My name, I don't know how I got it as I was already named
when I made my way home. Some say BJ stands for  
Bouncing Joy, others say it stands for Black Jack but for
Mom and Dad,  BJ was enough... :-D

Anyways, I grew up in Hollywood Florida and that's where I
was introduced to my greatest passion...the dog park! Let's
not forget eating treats! :-)))
It was love at the first sniff!
I selected and posted a few of these memorable moments in
video and pictures, please check them out on my galleria
page. ;-)

Talking about passion, I honestly can say that I enjoyed
everything with much passion...Oh boy! Table scraps,
tomatoes, hide and seek my toys, the balcony which had a
little dog door and I always could go in and out as I pleased.
I had my daily walks which were short but certainly
appreciated...Once in awhile I enjoyed long walks, and they
were always welcomed with lots of tail wags :-)))
Not to forget Sundays at Vo's home, there was always a new
pillow that I want to rest my bones on it!!! Thanks Vo :-)))

Well there is much to remember and so much to write about
my easy going and relaxed way of living...In fact that's why
I'm opening this site out to every family member or friends,
who would like to post comments, pictures, thoughts...
Anything you want to add will be welcome...